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Death is an inevitable part of life, and yet it can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about the process of grief amongst one's peers. In this podcast comedian and bereaved sibling Jordon Ferber helps shine some light into the darkest parts of our own existence and encourage a more open discussion about the effects of grief, and offers coping mechanisms to those suffering through open and honest conversations with other comedians and performers who have unique perspectives on the process of grief. 

Apr 22, 2021

In this episode, I talk with Author Dawn Newton about her new book, "The Remnants Of Summer," a coming of age novel about a young Michigan girl who loses her brother in a tragic drowning accident.  Beginning this book before the death of both of her parents, Dawn put it on the back burner while working on other projects, including "Winded: A Memoir in 4 Stages." We talk about the different ways we create narrative out of the chaos of our circumstances, and how important it is to give ourselves the time to process our grief.

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