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Death is an inevitable part of life, and yet it can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about the process of grief amongst one's peers. In this podcast comedian and bereaved sibling Jordon Ferber helps shine some light into the darkest parts of our own existence and encourage a more open discussion about the effects of grief, and offers coping mechanisms to those suffering through open and honest conversations with other comedians and performers who have unique perspectives on the process of grief. 

Sep 14, 2015

This episode features an in depth interview with Alan Pedersen, Executive Director of The Compassionate Friends (TCF) the self-help support group that Jordon's sibling support group is a part of. Alan lost his daughter Ashley in 2001, and in the despair he was feeling, he re-immersed himself into his musical career, and began writing  songs that reflected what he was going through and what he wished he could say to his daughter.

Shortly after selling CDs of his music at a Compassionate Friends national conference, he began playing his music at local chapters around the country.

For more info on The Compassionate Friends go to

There you can find the nearest local chapter to you via the chapter locator, as well as info on upcoming regional and national conferences.

For more info on Alan and how to buy his music, go to or you can find him directly on iTunes at

julie brinson
eight and a half years ago

This is a meaningful podcast for those who have lost a loved one. And it is especially helpful for those of us who have lost a sibling.