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Death is an inevitable part of life, and yet it can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about the process of grief amongst one's peers. In this podcast comedian and bereaved sibling Jordon Ferber helps shine some light into the darkest parts of our own existence and encourage a more open discussion about the effects of grief, and offers coping mechanisms to those suffering through open and honest conversations with other comedians and performers who have unique perspectives on the process of grief. 

May 26, 2015

In this episode of Where's the Grief, Jordon sits down with fellow comedian Dan Soder to talk about the longevity of grief. Dan's father passed away when Dan was still in high school, and then his sister just two years later.

Although this discussion is a little heavy for a podcast that features comedians, it's a deeper...

May 6, 2015

This week Jordon sits down with fellow comedian and actor, John Mooney who recently lost both his parents, essentially becoming an orphan at the same time as he is learning how to be a good father himself.

Even though we expect to outlive our parents, it is still difficult to navigate the world without them. This...